Conference Programme

The conference will start on Monday, November 27, 2023, at 1:00 p.m. and end on Wednesday, November 29, 2023, at 5:30 p.m.

Conference Program Overview

Conference Program and Abstracts

Conference Program Overview:

Monday, November 27:
Registration 12:30-17:30 (Aula)

13:00-13:30   Opening (Sitzungssaal)
13:30-15:00   Exploring activism at STS Austria: plenary participatory floor exercise (Aula)
15:00-15:30   Coffee break (Aula)
15:30-17:00   Session 1a: Solidarities and Alliances (Sitzungssaal)
_____________  Workshop: Speculative Methods (SE 2)
17:00-17:30   Coffee break (Aula)
17:30-19:00   Public Keynote and Round-Table: Pelin Tan (Batman University):
_____________  Threshold Infrastructures: Pedagogies of Entangled Topographies (Sitzungssaal)
19:00-19:15   Early Career Awards (Sitzungssaal)
19:15-21:00   Reception (Aula)

Tuesday, November 28:
Registration 9:00-14:00 (Aula)

09:30-10:30   Keynote: Stefania Milan (University of Amsterdam):
_____________  Doing Engaged Research on Data and Algorithms:
_____________  politics, pitfalls, open questions (Sitzungssaal)
10:30-11:00   Coffee break (Neue Burse)
11:00-12:30   Session 2a: The Politics of Open Infrastructures (Sitzungssaal)
_____________  Session 2b: Public Engagement & Collaboration with Activists (SE 1)
12:30-13:45   Lunch Break (see near-by restaurants and takeaways)
13:45-15:00   Session 3a: Transforming STS (Sitzungssaal)
_____________  Session 3b. Socio-Technical Controversies (SE 1)
15:00-15:30   Coffee break (Neue Burse)
15:30-16:45   Session 4a: Towards More Engaged STS!? (Sitzungssaal)
_____________  Session 4b. Activist Practices of STS Scholars (SE 1)
18:00-19:30   Public Keynote: Katta Spiel (TU Wien):
_____________  Impossible ‘Choices’ — Activism in the Academy (SE 1)

Wednesday, November 29:

09:30-11:00   Session 5a: Scholar-Activists: Roles & Identities (Sitzungssaal)
_____________  Session 5b: Conceptual Approaches for Caring Research I (SE 1)
_____________  Screening “Climate Court of Audit Now!” (Aula)
11:00-11:30   Coffee break (Aula)
11:30-12:30   Special format: Data Walking as Method for Teaching Critical
_____________  Data Studies (Sitzungssaal)
_____________  Screening “Climate Court of Audit Now!” (Aula)
12:30-13:45   Lunch Break (see near-by restaurants and takeaways)
13:45-15:00   Session 6a: Activist (Counter-) Expertise (Sitzungssaal)
_____________  Session 6b: Conceptual Approaches for Caring Research II (SE 1)
_____________  Screening “Climate Court of Audit Now!” (Aula)
15:00-15:30   Coffee break (Aula)
15:30-16:30   A Manifesto for Activism in STS:
_____________  participatory conference outlook and closing (Sitzungssaal)