Call for the STS Austria Early Career Award 2023

To support the research and visibility of early career researchers in Science and Technology Studies, STS Austria will, for the second time, award a prize for the best publications by young
researchers in 2023. The award addresses published academic writings by early career
researchers demonstrating the relevance, productivity, and critical potential of Science and Technology Studies research. In particular, we are searching for publications that excel in one  or several of the following categories: societal relevance, quality of writing, and theoretical or  methodological innovativeness.

Selection Criteria

We invite submissions from master’s and doctoral students, as well as early career researchers, who have obtained their PhD degrees no longer than 5 years ago. Submissions will be evaluated in consideration of the authors’ academic age.

Submissions may be academic publications in all common formats (dissertations and theses, journal articles, book chapters, etc.). We will consider submissions resulting from research or study programs located in Austria, with a clear reference to Science and Technology Studies, that have been published or submitted for assessment (in the case of a thesis, cut-off date
July 31, 2023) in 2020–2023. STS Austria members are invited to submit their publications regardless of the location of their research and study programmes in order to acknowledge their international mobility and simultaneous affiliation to STS (in) Austria.

Co-authored publications will be accepted if there is a clear indication that the lead author qualifies for submission according to the criteria listed above. If several of the coauthors qualify, they may submit as a team.


Submission deadline: September 15, 2023

We ask for submissions to be accompanied by a short abstract (250 words) outlining the reference to Science and Technology Studies.

Please submit the text and abstract as a PDF to

The STS Austria Award for Early Career Publications is endowed with € 1,500 and will be awarded during the next general meeting of STS Austria, scheduled to take place in December 2023. The board of STS Austria will decide on the number of recipients and the individual sums awarded. Future prizes will be awarded bi-annually.

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