General Assembly/Business Meeting 2022 & Keynote Ulrike Felt

We warmly invite you to our upcoming business meeting!

When: Tuesday, December 6, 2022, 14:00-18:00
Where: Alte Burse (ÖAW), Sonnenfelsgasse 19, 1010 Wien

Annual Meeting STS Austria_agenda_2022

The formal meeting will be followed by a keynote from Prof. Ulrike Felt on the topic of her ERC grant:

Innovation in reverse – How to govern innovation societies differently through engaging with the residues of innovation
Today, scientific and technological innovations are staged as the drivers of societal development; huge promises gravitate around them; citizens are called to assure an innovation-friendly climate; and innovation is presented as key to international competitiveness. What if we disrupt this wide-spread innovation society beliefs and reverse our perspective? The aim of my ERC project is to make the left-behinds, the residues of innovation the main protagonists of our stories of pasts and futures of innovation societies. We will explore how contemporary societies make sense of, live with, and care for residues.
Giving residues voice could make space for alternative imaginaries of our lives in innovation societies. Reading innovation societies through the complex manifestations of these residues promises new insights into the innovation choices we make. It sensitizes us to issues of intergenerational justice and distribution of risk. And it makes visible whose imaginations, values, and knowledges count when venturing into unknown territories. More than anything, it confronts us with the fragile nature of our ways of caring for environmental futures.
Three very different innovation residues and their journeys through our societies will be central — nuclear waste, microplastics and “data waste”.

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